It’s Time To Go Back To Talking To Each Other

Time to Be AccountableAs we cross the time and space barrier faster than ever before, as technology takes even more control of our lives and as communication options multiply, it’s time to get back to connecting human to human.
Entrepreneurs and small business owners now make up far more of the workforce than ever before. Remote work is now the norm, which means we are also more isolated now than any other time in history. Facebook, Skype chat, and Slack, while connecting people, are also isolating them as well. Emotionally, the distance grows while intellectually, it appears efficient.
Social support, which used to be fully wired into our social work environment, is missing for many of us,  It’s simply not there. That emotional toll is taxing our very happiness. We are presented with more and more noise on social media which a portrays a false definition of “friendship.”
The self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy, which are normal human emotions, under certain conditions are over-amplified in isolation. We used to have co-workers, managers and a closer-knit physical network to express our feelings and keep us accountable.

We Need More Human Interaction To Survive and Thrive


I grew up in an era where the only tech I was exposed to was an AM Radio, a Black and White TV, a CB radio, and an 8 track tape player. Of course, we had rotary phones. We talked to each other back then. We talked a lot.
The time has come to return to the era of connection; the mentor, the partner, the one-on-one mastermind. Mentors come in different forms. My mentors were people who I met in life and learned so much from our association. My mentors, the people who I interacted with for years at a time, people like Chet Holmes, Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham and others were there to help me. Chet was my friend, my mentor, my accountability partner as I was his.
Sitting alone with a laptop at Starbucks is not human interaction, but we seek out the presence of others to feel connected. The gig economy has turned us into digital nomads and while that may mean more freedom from a traditional commute, and more profit for your boss, it’s not great for feeling connected to others.
In my book The Invisible Organization, I blueprint the process for CEOs to send their workforce home. It’s certainly more profitable, but there are consequences and we are starting to see those show up now.

Coaching Is Great, But It’s a Business Relationship Only


Coaching has been a part of my life for the last 30 years on one level or another. I’ve had paid coaches and I’ve been a paid coach/consultant for many. I used coaching in the same way my clients do; to accelerate a transition from one level to another. If you can pay some money to be guided to that next level, it saves time, it saves wasting money on making unnecessary mistakes and it’s far faster. But the long-lasting and most valuable relationships are peer-to-peer. Those are the relationships where we became interested in another person’s needs and they in ours.

Where Are We Without Support?

Where are we without supportIn my world, I need support and I provide support. I can inspire others even when I can’t inspire myself. Yet, when I need to be held accountable, my support partner is there for me. This is not a fee-based relationship, it’s a relationship based on mutual need, respect, and friendship.
If you are not in a mutual support-based relationship, then you are missing out on one of the most enriching relationships we can have as human beings. It goes beyond friendship and shows a level of caring not found in many other places.
It’s not hard to build and maintain these type of relationships, in fact, it’s far easier than you think. Get started now to find your perfect support partner and hold each other accountable. It will become one of the most important relationships you ever form.
If you are ready to get the support you need, without hiring a coach or going to see a therapist, then I have a possible solution for you. It’s called The Results Breakthrough Network and it’s like for people who want accountability relationships. Maybe you can find a partner, finish a course you bought, connect with another person or help someone in need of your wisdom, and feel fulfilled and connected.