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Personal Accountability to Complete Your Online Courses


Get started with our groundbreaking accountability system today, and finally finish your online programs!


  • Knowing you will always stay on track to accomplish everything you desire
  • No more broken promises to “take massive action”!
  • Finding your perfect accountability partner match for each course you buy
  • Customized weekly accountability plans, designed by you, specific to your unique goals, using your course syllabus as a guide
  • Renewed energy and a profound sense of accomplishment as you power through course after course
  • Getting control of your schedule and completing courses on time so you can immediately implement the lessons you learn and grow your business
  • Leveling-up your skills as you learn from some of the best minds in the business with pitch-free master classes
  • Proudly celebrating your success and sharing newly acquired knowledge with your team, your tribe, and the Results Breakthrough Network community

When You Join, You Will...

Find the Perfect “Accountability Partner” - the ideal person to spur you toward course completion and implementation

Track Your Progress With Structured Sessions - Know exactly what you promised so you can deliver on results every time

Join A Success-Oriented Community - Surround yourself with ambitious leaders who spur you toward greatness

Contribute to the Success of Others - Grow as a leader and influencer

For less than the cost of a decent dinner, get the big return on your investment in training programs, courses, workshops and masterminds…

STOP Beating Yourself Up!

My name is Mitch Russo... and I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs in business… with the “downs” usually lasting longer than I liked.

After working as the CEO of Tony Robbins’ and Chet Holmes’, Kevin Harrington and others, I have finally discovered the secret of success: consistent, dedicated accountability.

Using the very same system available to you right now through the Results Breakthrough Network, my personal and financial results are off the charts.

And now it’s time for you to step up and claim your success.

I’ve Made It Easy For You To...

Be Accountable To Your Own Goals and Achieve Financial Independence...
All At Your Own Pace!

4 Reasons Why You NEED To Join The Results Breakthrough Network


Reason 1

Create confidence and integrity as you are held accountable to the commitments you’ve made to yourself.

Our own commitments are the easiest to break. Yet with a little help, you can stay on track. Just knowing your accountability partner is expecting you to get the work done will help motivate you to keep your commitment. Studies show that work with a dedicated accountability partner increase your chances of success in anything you do by up to 95%.


Reason 2

Immerse yourself in an active online course-taking community anxious to learn together.

When you join our Network, you join a global tribe online learners actively supporting each other towards success. Get immersed in a safe and supportive environment as you learn. Each week we host no-pitch “master classes” about a variety of topics from entrepreneurialism to fitness. We also offer group coaching sessions several times a month… all included in your membership.


Reason 3

Take your life to the next level...and far beyond

You no longer have an excuse not to reach your full potential. With your accountability partnership, you will have the means better yourself by completing all the courses you wish.. Finally, achieve what you know is possible for yourself, reverse negative mindsets, and push yourself forward.


Reason 4

Give back

The universal concept of feeling good by helping another brings satisfaction and a sense of purpose to your life. You already know how good it feels to give back, to help without expectation of getting anything in return. Using the simple 3 question “10 Minute Mentor” guideline, you can easily assist a young person reach their own goals.

Giving Back… A Higher Calling Is Waiting For You!
The 10-Minute Mentor Program

As you sign up and complete your profile, you can check the box saying,“Yes, I want to be a 10 Minute Mentor”” to help a young person in an inner city school turn their entrepreneurial dreams into a future reality.

The 10 Minute Mentor Program is part of YOU giving back.

It’s about you using your wisdom and expertise to guide a young mind in a solid direction and changing their life for the better. It only takes ten minutes a month, and is a completely optional benefit of joining the Results Breakthrough Network.

Sometimes just focusing on yourself and your business can be uninspiring… and just stepping out of your bubble of “normal” can completely change your perspective. Using your experience as an entrepreneur to guide a young mind, even for 10 minutes a month, will bring a new level of invigoration to your work.

The 10 Minute Mentor program connects to inner city high school students all over the country. If it doesn’t interest you, don’t worry. It’s not for everyone and you are not in any way obligated to join.

If you are interesting in participating, we will provide you with your own “10MM” badge to spread the word on your website and social media about the great work you are doing to give to others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our patent pending algorithm matches you with an accountability partner...someone who coaches you to keep your commitment to completing courses (or goal you set for yourself!).

Accountability partnership is powerful because its sole purpose is to help you reach your goals. The structure and design of your weekly sessions is up to you and your partner.

Accountability partnership is scientifically proven to eliminate procrastination and get you are 95% more likely to complete a program with a dedicated accountability partner than you are if you go it alone.

If you’ve read this far, you know that your success and contribution are significant parts of a happy life. Take action NOW and finally get the results you’ve always wanted from your courses.

Break Through to your TRUE Potential!